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Determined, Hungry, and Ready: Meet Rapper Mj Gill

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Mj Gill from Evergreen, Alabama is ready to take the music industry by storm. From the Alabama streets to making absolute hits, nothing can stop this man. Known for hit songs such as, “Jimmy Butler” and “Back on Me”, he has shown what he is capable of. In 2019 he did a cover to “No Guidance” by Drake and Chris Brown and people absolutely loved it. His soulful/melodic approach to music sets him apart from most artists. He is much more than a rapper, he even classifies himself in the R&B genre because of his singing abilities.

Mj is someone that stays locked in, he rarely gets distracted from his goals and keeps tunnel vision on his dreams. His ultimate goal is to one day perform at rolling loud and make his family, friends, and supporters proud. He has been extremely consistent for the past few years and dropped his widely loved album “Racks the Mission” late 2021. He is heavily co-signed by the artists in his town and publicly known as one of the best artists in his city. He even told us that, “Huntsville doesn’t get a lot of love so we have to support each other, there’s a lot of great talent in the city.” Mj Gill is truly making something out of nothing and it’s very exciting to watch.

The independent artist grind is very exhausting and when we asked Mj if he would sign a deal he said, “I’m cool with a record deal with full creative control, or just major distribution, I’m cool either way if the situation is right with my team and I.” Mj Gill is one of the best independent artists on the market and any label would be lucky to have him on their team. Stay tuned and follow him (@mjgillofficial) on instagram

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