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“PoloBoyd, one of the best artist managers you’ve never heard of until now”

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Former artist turned manager, PoloBoyd becomes A&R for Evo Music Group. Evo Music Group is an indie based label located in Las Vegas, Nevada. Evo Music Group is also home to artist Rae Milli which PoloBoyd manages. The independent label plans to take the music industry by storm and by bringing former artist turned manager PoloBoyd in as head of A&R they plan to bring some outstanding talent. With his knowledge in music and former workings in the industry there’s no telling the great heights the will reach.
With 2022 summer coming up Polo says that the label will have some fresh music on the way. Nowadays, when it comes to the vast and ever-growing fast pace music industry, it is common knowledge to know that many musical artists today have a music manager. A music manager is someone who looks after the growth of the artist’s career and helps with the management of their projects. Musical artists have also realized the importance and value of having these seasoned experts lead them in the right direction on their journey to success.
PoloBoyd, through his position at Evo Music Group, will be able to reach and help so many upcoming artists in hopes of changing their lives forever. He plans to expand the indie label’s roster for 2022 and bring talented artists with drive, passion and diversity. If you are a self driven, passionate artist looking to go to the level, you can find PoloBoyd on Also do not hesitate to reach him on instagram under is handle – @officalpoloboyd
Boyd was born in Gary Indiana October, 3 1991 and graduated from Merrillville High School. His mother was very musically inclined mom was in a band. His mother is where he inherited his love of music. Sadly she passed when he was only 18 years of age but Polo believed in carrying the family tradition and pursuing a career within the music industry.
With the loss of his mother Polo had to step in as a provider for his younger sister. Even though he had experienced such a hard upbringing in the streets of Gary, Indiana Polo Boyd managed to fulfill academic success and went to college for business management. He now owns a real estate company and dabbles heavily in crypto endeavors. He even plans on launching his own label in the future.

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