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Amari Fields – “Love You Dad” (Official Music Video)

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Daryn Amari Fields, well-known as Amari Fields, is a 19-year-old rapper and songwriter from Brooklyn, New York. Recently he has released an appealing music video for his “Love You Dad” Single, that has caught the attention of many.

“Been overthinking I don’t get no sleep. I pray to the lord because my heart is weak. Dad, I love you so much, this feeling so deep. If you lost your foot I would give you, my feet. You’re the hardest worker I ever have known. You want the best for others then you do for yourself. Dad I love you so much and you don’t even know. I’m a be here when you hit all your goals.”

‘Love You Dad’ tells a heartfelt story about an incident that happened to his father that left him heartbroken. It seems as if this song was to comfort his father and let him know that everything would be alright but was also an appreciation song. Within, the song you can feel the hurt he was feeling but the visuals is what brought this song to life.

The video finds Amari Fields within his home with some extremely emotional visuals, that would leave you speechless. There are moments where Amari Fields is seen crying, down, and completely heartbroken at the moment. Later, he is seen writing a letter which had the text “I Love You Dad” which can clearly be seen within the music video. Despite the emotions foreseen through the video, he also shows flashes of his dad within the video which told the story in detail. The storyline serves as the perfect visual for this track.

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