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Where are you from and what was your upbringing like?
Philadelphia,  I grew up mostly uptown. I went to school downtown and my parents separated when I was 11. I went to school because home was rough.
What are your influences?
I love Kanye West for the fashion and Thug for the music. Music, Business, Fashion, etc.
When did you begin pursuing your music career?
 I decided to do music when I dropped out of school. I always wanted to be different and writing was an extension for me to let pain out and turn up.
When did you know your music was goin somewhere?
When I starting dropping videos to my songs so people could really see my thought process. I released my first project all platforms and it has 30k Spotify
and 20k on Apple Music. I have a global sound that’s relatable to all genres. I want to be a representation of being cool and lit while be different. I am a versatile artist and I am able to tap into every genre of music while being my genuine self. I bring a unique style of rap with energy, word play, and flows
What is your goal in music?
My goal is to reach the #1 song in the word.

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