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Film & Music Exec ELEVENNYNE Is Doing Big Things!

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ELEVENNYNE is definitely one of the people shaking the room discreetly when it comes to behind the scenes work in the entertainment industry. Not only did he land the executive directors position over at Bungalo Records (the subsidiary to Universal Music Group), but he’s also been making a lot of noise in the film world as well.

ELEVENNYNE is about to release his own independent film which is titled “Adam & Eve”, and the movie will be starring Brian Hooks (known from Soul Plane & Fat Beach). This is definitely something that all film lovers should tune into when it get released. Although ELEVENNYNE is starting to step more into the film and television industry, he’s definitely still very known for currently making big moves within the music community. He’s produced and managed many artists, and on top of that, he’s done a lot of consulting work for one of the biggest entertainment companies in the world (UMG).

ELEVENNYNE definitely provides an incentive to tune in with everything that he’s doing. Make sure to follow ELEVENNYNE on all social media platforms @ELEVENNYNE in order to stay up to date with all the future content drops by this discretely notable music exec and film producer.


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