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Your Plugs Plug gives a new meaning to the word excitement with his new track “That Feeling”

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“That Feeling,” Your Plugs Plug’s most recent single, has taken his listeners’ breath away. It’s only been a few months since the song was released. The song, on the other hand, has developed a large fan base in such a little time. Every day, the number of individuals who follow you increases by a little proportion.

Your Plugs Plug was born and raised in the metropolis of Los Angeles. He understands what the people of Los Angeles want from house music. They’re looking for something thrilling to start the celebration and lift their spirits. People are looking for a song to liven up the celebration. And Sean, who is fully informed of the situation, is capable of doing so.

Thanks to Rumor Records, Your Plugs Plug has been able to share music with the world that he is proud of. He has been quite vocal during the development process. Rumor Records was kind enough to listen to his worries and requests. We are speechless when we hear the ultimate decision.

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