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Shuxx Mills – “No King”

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Almost a year since his last single, budding Toronto rapper Shuxx Mills delivers another Anthem-like single on ‘No King’ (produced by Hitgirl). With a dark undertone we’ve come to appreciate from Shuxx the beat is primed for a live rendition, a dinging rhythm is heard through the two minute banger. ‘No King’ is an announcement to the masses that Shuxx is leading the way of a new rap sound coming from the 6ix. No King is a solid head slapper, with a fast paced beat that comes together and stands apart from the masses and creates a lane of its own.


TORONTO’s Shuxx Mills is a distinct sound to come onto the city’s expansive hip hop scene. Taking a rhythmic hard hitting approach to music his sound is conducive of where he comes from, the Don Mills neighborhood of North Toronto. Detailing his early upbringing and life before music his message is relatable to all and shows the growth from a budding artist. With a handful of releases to date and a growing fanbase Shuxx Mills is poised to lead the new sound coming to the global stage.

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