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Set Your Next Five Year Goals Step-By-Step: Glizz

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Learn how having a five-year plan can help you arrange your life.


Every time in a corporate appraisal meeting, the most common question an employee is asked is if they have a five-year plan. This sounds weird as how can a person decide today what they want to achieve in the next 1800+ days! Is it realistic to take a pen and paper and then jot down what and how you think your life will be in the coming years? Glizz, a 21-year-old rapping artist says that it is. At such a young age, Glizz has defined his coming years, and he encourages everyone to do so, leading by his own example. 


Realism Of Five-Year Plan

Glizz was very young when started his career two years ago with his first video. At that time, he didn’t have any plan about what he was doing but his passion for music pushed him to release his first song which got more than 1000 plays on Soundcloud. This gave him a strong realisation about what wonders he could do if he put his hundred percent to it. This was a moment of enlightenment for him and then he put his mind to it. He understood that everything is related to the mindset. He delved into rapping and then he increased the frequency of making videos. He consciously put a great deal of effort in maintaining his mindset and grew himself positively. The power of a positive mindset proved exceptional for him. He launched his video which crossed 14k views on YouTube. One of the major bursts for his identity was his song ‘Yeah Right’ which proved transcendental for his professional and personal growth. His mindset manifested wonderful things for him like his first plane ride ever and his first visit to California. 


Glizz’s Next Five Year Plan

Glizz might have started his career in a carefree manner but today he has a well structured plan. In year one, he sees himself as a millionaire sitting on M’s No question. He sees his musical career taking a steep incline. He wants to do live shows which will provide him more success and a bigger fanbase. Consequently, he envisions having 100k views on his videos and stadium shows. In his third year, he thinks of making business and investment moves, maybe real estate, complexes or anything that can generate money from money. In the fourth year, he wants to start a label and finally in the fifth year, he plan to have built his dream home. 


He wants to wake up in a big house – in Miami, Texas or California. He has a plan of getting retired by 30 and then he just wants to work with his community. He wants to commit himself to doing what he wants to do rather than focusing only on money.


This way he has a well-structured plan for his next five years and he is sure that if everyone has a five year plan and a positive mindset, they can do wonders too.

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