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HD4President Drops New Single & Music Video For “One Mic”

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After breaking the internet and buzzing around Baton Rouge, Louisiana-Based artist HD4President returns with a single and music video titled “One Mic” The track starts with a hypnotic guitar looping and the visuals stages that loops with images of HD4President flashing his jewelry right before the chorus seeps in. Then once the 808 gives you the life that you didn’t realize you needed, he confesses that he needs time for himself. But then it all makes sense once he says, ”Made a million dollars off one mic”. Under vinyls that are hanging on a wall, he approaches an old mic and breathes new life into it.

“This song is deep to me. It’s about how I started from the bottom and came up. Before I signed a million dollar deal, I recorded everything in my house off one mic. I grew up idolizing Allen Iverson and Soulja Slim I wasn’t a basketball ball player, so I knew I had to be a rapper”


Check out the video below and let me know what you think:


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