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Nala “The Rockstar” Bonae

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Nala is an upcoming hiphop artist who first got into the music scene at a young age. With musical influences such as Tina Turner, Beyonce’, Mariah Carey and Janet Jackson, Nala developed an appreciation for music and became well rooted with traditional music customs.

When it comes to unique musical talent, Nala skyrockets the chart with her Rock/Pop style music with a touch of Soul. When getting into her creative mode, Nala keeps it simple by isolating herself, opening Fruity Loops on her computer and gets to work. Not only does Nala write and perform her music she also has a hand in the production.

Nala hit the ground running and since has stumbled upon incredible opportunities like her most recent accomplishment, performing at the Jazz Festival. In addition, Nala was blessed with the opportunity to open for iconic superstars, Chris Brown, Monica and Bryson Tiller. With the internet now being a key factor in the industry enabling artists to reach a much bigger audience, Nala has had great success with her hit single, “No Boys Allowed” which has an energetic rock vibe.

When asked what the best piece of advice she had been given was she replied, “Don’t expect different results, if you’re doing the same thing.” Nala is sticking to that motto actively as she anticipates her next big move opening up for the “Only One Night Tour” with Chris Brown. Nala also is developing some hot new music with 4 new singles to be debuted this year.

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