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Blood Raw Releases Highly Anticipated Album Titled “H.U.S.H”

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Blood Raw gives us his latest album H.U.S.H (Hustle Until Something Happens) with radio smash records such as “Hustle 4 Mine”, “She Just Want A Real One“, and the new anthem “Right Here” which features Dade County’s own, Ball Greezy. 
Check out his visual to his H.U.S.H (Intro) here.
It doesn’t look like Blood Raw will be slowing down anytime soon as he has hooked back up with his brother Slicc Pulla for a follow up album called “Back In The Chevy”.

Make sure you check out his book titled “The Story And Life Of Bruce S. Falson JR. AKA Blood Raw which dropped October 31st.

“If you believe in yourself and find your purpose, whatever you’re doing, nothing can stop that.  Don’t let nothing discourage you from what you’re supposed to be doing or deter you from that.”

-Blood Raw

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