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Dr. Trevor J. Thomas Helps Bobby Shmurda Become The First Rapper to Receive Dental Care On Set, Now That’s a Baller

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How often do you think outside the box? What are the limits of your imagination? Dr. Trevor J. Thomas believes that you must change your thinking if you desire to have a future that is entirely different from your present. Some will say that imagination is more important than knowledge. Thinking outside the box, and having realistic imaginations can change your life and help you become a more congruent and committed individual.

Widely known for his shocking smile makeovers, Dr. Trevor J. Thomas acknowledges that the beginning of greatness is to be different. The growth of his establishment has been centered on the premise of creativity and expanding his network of acquaintances. But most importantly, by thinking outside the box.

“You gotta have a make-it-happen attitude to be successful and excel in this industry. I want to take being hungry and humble to a new level. You have to think outside of the conventional box to do so. I want to meet my patients where they are most comfortable, and sometimes that’s on a video set! The overall goal is to deliver the care they need.”

Interestingly, Dr. Trevor J. Thomas works with a multitude of notable celebrities, but for every 1 celebrity who can make it to the chair, five can’t. This is primarily due to their unconventional and demanding schedules against an environment that is considerably consistent, a dental office. He’s always thinking about creative ways to address his client’s immediate needs. For a long time, Dr. Trevor J. Thomas had been trying to connect with rap superstar Bobby Shmurda to offer him his dental services. Unfortunately, he never managed to get him in the dental chair despite working with Schmurda’s long term friend and manager, Wolf (@wolfiscurrency). He could never catch Bobby stationary long enough to get him in the chair.

He eventually reached out to his acquaintance and notable dental hygienist, Travel Tremell (@gerismiles) who owns a mobile dental unit. The pair decided to create an experience where those with challenging schedules, such as Bobby Shmurda, could receive on-demand basic dental care such as teeth whitening and cleaning. Bobby Shmurda was Dr. Trevor Thomas’ first customer to pilot this concept. He pulled up while he was shooting his singles, “Shmoney” and “Cartier Lens’”, where he cleaned his teeth during breaks and in between takes.

This was Dr. Trevor Thomas’ way of thinking outside the box. He moved beyond the normal, which in turn configured his mind to think of new perspectives and conquer new barriers.

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