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How Lil Dawg, the Rapper Is Blowing up the Internet With His Music

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Social media has emerged as one of the best platforms for aspiring artists to grow their audience. With no hard and fast rules, this platform has become a highly competitive space for any fresh talent to get noticed. However, the most proven way to grab positive attention on social media is through unique and stunning content. For musicians, it is original and exclusive music that can easily reach more ears. Rapper and rising artist Lil Dawg has proved this with his gifted talent. This budding artist is setting the internet on fire, earning thousands of followers and views for his music. For a 21-year-old with no one to guide him in the industry, this is a commendable accomplishment to start with.

Lil Dawg started performing live as early as 9 years old. He discovered his passion for music at a young age and knew this was something he wanted to do for the rest of his life. Although he was ridiculed by many for pursuing his passion for music, Lil Dawg persisted with renewed energy to chase his dreams. The more he heard people telling him he wouldn’t make it in the music scene, the more determined he became to prove them wrong. Growing up in a family where money was tight was another hurdle for Lil Dawg, but he never let that overpower his dreams. He kept working hard until he started earning enough money to support his passion for music.

Today, Lil Dawg earns a living as a full-time social media marketer for a renowned marketing agency, Gateway, owned by the celebrity entrepreneur Carter Jamison. Here, Lil Dawg is a part of a team that is helping up-and-coming artists develop social media engagement. So far, the team has kept over 10K clients successfully motivated through their service. Lil Dawg’s professional experience has also helped him scale up his career as a rapper on social media. He’s been able to work with several prominent names in the industry, learning from them to further hone his skills.

Lil Dawg’s years of hard work finally paid off when he earned over 70K followers on Instagram as his audience. His songs are also well-received by music enthusiasts on YouTube, earning over 80K views, and the number is only increasing by the day. Lil Dawg also has a remarkable presence on Spotify, where he has released his electrifying tracks. After becoming a music sensation online, Lil Dawg moved to the stage to showcase his talent. So far, he has performed at more than 400 live shows, including Brooklyn Unity Fest for three consecutive years.

The passion-driven 21-year-old rapper was featured on Fox 5 NY News for his unique take on music. Lil Dawg has been awarded by The Love Of Sean Talent Show and also the 40th precinct Community Council for National Night Out. His accomplishments don’t end there. Lil Dawg has also performed at popular clubs like Webster Hall NYC, Club Rebel, and The Emporium, opening for mainstream national acts like Mindless Behavior, Rip rapper, Chinx, Styles P, Coke Boys, and Freeway.

Lil Dawg wants to continue this journey of a lifetime, becoming a national recording and performing artist, topping some of the famous music charts. He wants to create more electrifying music for his audience and support his family, which has been his biggest strength throughout the years.

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