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Zae France x Capella Grey – WHATEVER ON WHATEVER

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R&B Singers  Zae France and Capella Grey linked up to deliver their most recent music video, “Whatever On Whatever.” Produced by Dizzy Banko and B Bearded, the visual was directed by Vina Love. France was born in North Carolina but raised in Connecticut. In the beginnning of last year he met up with Grey in Los Angeles to brainstorm song ideas. Fast forward to now, they effortlessly created a timless record that everyone can vibe responsibly to.

Capella is known to carry himself with confidence in and out of the studio. Each record he touches, displays exactly what. He brings that Jamaican New York flavor and blended it with Zae’s North Carolina soulful vibe and together they made history. After reuniting in Atlanta they recorded the track and shot the video the next day. As the video starts, they begin to turn up at the studio where you can see how everyone vibes responsibly.

Throughout the record, they made it clear that once you’re around them you want to worry about anything, just to simply enjoy the vibes.

“Tryna keep your feelings in the tuck, I don’t know why (You already here)/ I can tell how you give it up that look in your eye/ It’s whatever on whatever on whatever, you ain’t gotta worry ’bout a thing when you with me/ It’s whatever on whatever on whatever, get whatever for you”



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