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Rising Jersey Rapper 90Rackss Releases New Video Titled “Why Would I Lie”

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90Rackss continues to dominate the trenches of New Jersey in 2022 with the release of his new music video for the song “Why Would I Lie” featuring Sinn TTB. The new single showcases Rackss’s vision of drill music; raw and impulsive—an unburdened, electrifying take separating himself from the pack. 90’s raps, captured in street singles such as “For My Opps,” demonstrate the thrill of the rhapsodic genre. Every bar is spat with the pedal pressed to the floor. 

Directed by Wavechange, “Why Would I Like” marks the first release from 90Rackss with “Sloppy Vinyl,” a New Jersey-based independent label he signed with.

Jersey’s rising hood star rapper 90Rackss presents the world an interesting case, a transparent street lyricist with a unique sense of humor and gritty wordplay. Garnering hundreds of thousands of views and streams over the past year, Rackss is not only on label radars but also on people worldwide. 

Growing up in East Orange and residing in Newark, Rackss’s music is curated from pure, authentic experiences only those who come from the ghettos of the Earth live through, but he presents them in a way all people can relate to. Another significant influence in 90’s life is his mother, with whom he shares kind remarks. 

“She was independent and was somebody that was always on her grind. She was a hustler. She taught me the value of a dollar.” – 90Rackss. 

A genuine trap soul and talented music artist sum up 90Rackss as a person, but he shows potential to be a future millionaire very soon with his hustler’s spirit.

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