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Why ImTheJay Is a Musical Talent to Watch Out for in 2022 and Beyond

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Music is what the musician does. From practicing style, to morning routines, to the kind of music a musician listens to, no thing is too small to consider in the creation it leads to. Budding music artist, ImTheJay, has a similar checklist of do’s and don’ts, that have ramped up her craft and confidence making her a musical talent to watch out for in 2022 and beyond.

ImTheJay is big on collaboration. In the winter of 2021 she collaborated with Payton Smith and created a darling little music video. She always believed in the power of collaboration and is ready to kick in the new year with new connections. Says the artist, “Collaboration is not just something that looks good on paper. It’s actually a fundamental tool that can make and move music. As someone who is constantly inspired by others, I feel my best when I am creatively engaged with other musicians. Working with others teaches you a lot and as things are moving in the direction of collaboration, it’s safe to say that someone with the right kind of experience can bring in the professional our industry can really benefit from.”

An increase in the number of her collaborations means that she has been getting a lot of practice in. Many young musicians of today are so eager to get famous quickly that they end up letting go of good practice in order to get on the stage quicker. Not ImTheJay. For her, “practice is the art before the art. It’s like being in the the green room before getting on stage, necessary and important. It helps you to learn from your mistakes, to prepare something so well that the people who have chosen to spend their time listening to you don’t feel cheated. Practice for me is the life of my music.”

The young generally feel invincible. It’s the spark of vitality in them, that at its peak believes nothing is impossible. ImTheJay feels the same way. But she has had more performance clocked in than most youngsters. She has performed live in front of big crowds and has learned to deal with the butterflies, adulation and tension with equal sensitivity. This makes her reliable and dependable, values that have their place engraved in every industry.”

The New Year, as always is a place of hope. It’s a fresh start for many and for many others it’s where they take the next step. ImJay is at the intersection of both.

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