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Get a soul-full of young Independent artist Kafar Myers with his new EP “Hope Dies Last”

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“It’s easier to give them guns and drugs than a way to college, social media got us thinking like we got it when really the pressure is holding people hostage; circumstances will circumcise how your life goes.”
“Self grabbing water for the deepest wells mentally needs to nurture the garden of self peace.”
These are just some of Kafar Myer’s lyrics in his poetic arsenal. Inspired by community-oriented HipHop legacies like Tupac Shakur, Nas and Nipsey Hussle, the Jersey native centers his art on storytelling and soulful beats, rapping with substance.
Kafar Myers infuses his soul and unapologetically vulnerable self into the HipHop game. In a culture centered on dope dealing and sex, Kafar redirects us to a refreshing journey to introspection and finding purpose within oneself. His single “True 2 Self”, embodies his entire brand of inspiring change while being unabashedly authentic to who you are. His newest EP “Hope Dies Last,”produced by Nino will be released this month, featuring his single “6 Below” with a complimentary music video.
When asked what inspired his stage name, Kafar Myers credits the first part of his name from a night dreaming about being in an empty old Shakespearean coliseum, hearing powerful chants of ‘Kafar, Kafar, Kafar!” For his last name, Myers, he honors his grandfather, whom he shares vivid memories of playing an instrument and loving music.
Music isn’t the only talent that Kafar excels in. In addition to writing, he started up his own brick and mortar business, selling health products like sea moss, charcoal toothpaste and natural based lotions and soaps. He also is a self-published author with 2 poetry books selling over 300 copies each. Kafar also ensures he’s active in his community hosting events.

Peep the interview below to learn more about Kafar Myers. Stay tuned for his newest EP “Hope Dies Last” releasing January 2022.

Q: Where are you from and where do you currently live?
A: I’m from Rahway, New Jersey and grew up in different areas of Jersey throughout my younger years-Linden, Elizabeth, Rahway. I currently reside in Tobyhanna, PA, but frequently visit Jersey.

Q: When did you start taking music seriously?
A: Started taking it seriously around 14 or 15 when I started putting songs out on SoundCloud and realized people were relating to my music and actually listening to it on the regular. I remember I dropped a song called “Truly Beauty” and a listener messaged me saying how the song made them cry and love themselves more. It really inspired and became a core motive for me.

Q:In your opinion, what makes you stand out from other current artists out there?
A: My vulnerability and range of sound. I understood early the power of my voice and message my music has. Most artists are afraid to really be true to themselves so they follow the trends to stand out, no disrespect or shade thrown. I listen to a lot of Neo soul/ a little country even. My music incorporates a lot of different cadences that most artists don’t have due to them only listening to hip hop.

Q: How would you describe your sound and style?
A: Soul Music. I also like to describe my music as pain mixed with soul sprinkled in poetry baked with heavy thoughts and served with passion!

Q:Who is your motivation and why?
A: My biggest motivation right now is my higher self, the version I know I can be if I stay on track, put the work in and be true to my moral compass. A more successful ,smarter and happier version of you can be the solution for all the problems you are trying to fix.

More on Kafar Myles and his Self Privilege Movement can be found on his website and his following socials
Instagram: Kafar_Myers
Facebook: Kafar Myers
YouTube Channel: Kafar Myers Music X Poetry
TikTok: Kafar Myers

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