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Drake Got The Sauce, The Hot Sauce

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Recently the internet erupted when a blog site called “Too Much Hot Tea” reported a woman was threatening to sue Drake over what transpired during their sexual encounter. Drake and an IG Model decided to take their flirting up a notch and link up. They met at a party where after some heavy flirting they go back to his hotel room. After some weed and laughs, Drake asked if the lady wanted to have sex. He doubled checked to ensure that she was down to get down and when she assured her consent the foreplay began. Drake then disappeared in the bathroom and returned wearing a condom. The episode lasted some time and then he returned to the bathroom to dispose of the condom.

Now here is where it gets funny. The IG model went to the bathroom, dug through the trash to retrieve the condom, untied it and inserted into her vagina. She screamed as she had a burning sensation in her vagina and began to panic because it felt like it was on fire. Drake appeared in the doorway and confessed to pouring hot sauce into the condom to kill the sperm. The instagram model is now threatening to sue but the internet is tickled by the interaction.

Once the news go out, Drake immediately began to trend on social media. Below are some of our favorite comments:

Despite all the laughter, many commended Drake for protecting himself. This woman admitted to trying to illegally inseminate herself yet still thinks she has a cause to sue him. Drake may have responded to her with his caption, “You can have your 15 minutes of fame…I’ll take the other 23 hours and 45 mins”.


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