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B Martin Just Dropped “Rap Video of the Year”

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B Martin is most known for his Kendrick Lamar collaboration. He’s won a few major Hip Hop competitions: Best Hip Hop Artist in NY and Who’s Next with Hot 97. We can’t forget T-Pain’s ”Motivated” competition – among others. He’s toured with Mac Miller, Opened a bunch for J Cole – the list goes on and on.

In the past, we covered B Martin’s Kendrick Lamar Collab and his song “Swoosh”. Crazy bars, impeccable lyrical ability and stunning visuals.

But here’s the thing – B Martin disappeared for 10 years. He cited record label discrepancies that prevented him from releasing music and following his artistic vision.

At that time, B worked behind the scenes: He built up a recording studio, record label and PR agency: “Purpose Driven Records”. B invested in and signed artists in the Los Angeles scene like Brandon Montel and TV star Palmer. His pen made him a successful songwriter scoring over 10 million streams and many major label releases.

In 2020 he was said to be released from his deal, and supposed to be pushing again as an artist.

Starting in 2021 – it started. B released a slew of singles, from R&B to EDM. His most recent being “Do The Same” with Setou & Senyo on Soave Records – landing him Spotify editorial support on New Music Friday Canada.

Don’t get us wrong. These songs are bangers and sonic ear candy. But to our disappointment… Still No Rap.

And then, seemingly out of the blue. B announced he would be doing a RAP SONG a month for 2022. We got excited – but didn’t know what to expect.

And that’s when the bomb dropped. “Fire In My Veins”. From the wordplay to flow, vocal performance to sonics and finally a breathtaking video shot in Brooklyn and Manhattan, we were flabbergasted. This was the old B Martin… But better than ever.

When we reached out to B about featuring him and “Fire On My Veins” on This Is 50 – he was insistent that we shout out his team for this record:

Fire In My Veins (Credits):
Music Producers: Star Valentino and Bingx
Vocal Mixer: Jaime Velez
Video Director: Frankie Fire
Video Producer: Masarati Ray
Music and Video Executive Producer: DR

We are waiting with bated breath to see what B will drop in February.

Check out B Martin’s Spotify, and other socials below:

Fire In My Veins Official Video:

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