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TOP NINJA, also known as Leon Bodden, is a New York-based artist who’s been taking over the game for the past few years. 2021, must of been a video game for the rapper after dropping nonstop hits, as if he was smashing buttons on a joystick. TOP NINJA has a genuine hip-hop sound and a fluid flow which perfectly complements his songs. His style is smooth and draws the listener into his EMCEE universe. In his growing discography, he has made on thing clear through his lyrical and songwriting ability, that he is a true player in the game.

TOP’s rap organs stems from freestyle rapping and his tracks have the lyrical weight of a seasoned vet in the game. He’s been performing throughout the Tampa and Clearwater regions of Florida and his “Ninjas Worldwide” brand is growing. TOP NINJA kicks in 2022 with a banger named “Assassins Creed,” which is now available on all streaming platforms after a streak of great releases in 2021. The song has been a highlight of his previous concerts and is now available for download everywhere!

The song begins with a trademark delivery you won’t forget, which is followed by a captivating tune which he skates over like a hymn. With percussions and 808s that literally shakes the speakers. He drops gem lyrics to balance out the song’s depth with an effortless delivery and flow. The song is a positive look for the musician’s future, who has a distinct sound and a developing fan following.

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