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Introducing DJ Connect App “Where Music Artist and DJs Connect”

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Founder/CEO Jason Cooper DJ Connect has created a new music distribution tool for artists to get their music reviewed and/or played by DJs worldwide. This unique music distribution tool was designed with the goal of giving musicians and disc jockeys (DJs) a chance to be successful in the music industry. With the ever-evolving world of music sales listeners are as important as they’ve ever been, now that streaming makes up $11.9 billion of the estimated $23.1 billion music industry. Even with all the advances in technology it is proven that DJs are still the biggest influencers when it comes to directing the music trend. DJ Connect was created by an artist who recognized a huge void in the current setup of the music industry. Getting a DJ to play an independent artist song was harder than it should’ve been! With the DJ Connect app world map artist can pinpoint DJs and submit their song to be played at the event of the DJ. There is also the ability for artist to get feedback about their music directly from DJs. Now artist can actually see the response of DJs and listeners vibing to their music in real time with the video verification feature powered by DJ Connect. GIVING POWER TO THE ARTISTS AND DJs With over 1,000,000 music artists and 100,000 DJs worldwide it is only right that DJ Connect transfer the power over to them. No longer will an artist have to sign with a label in order to get their music heard in new markets. They can now pull out their phone and send their song across the globe quicker than they can place a fast-food order. No longer will DJs have to dig through the clutter of artists spamming their emails or coming up to them while their working an event trying to get their song played. DJs can now review artists music at their leisure and if they vibe to the song they can add it to the playlist of their next event. By enhancing the natural synergy of the music artist and the DJ it was only right that the tagline be “Get Connected.” DJ Connect app will be launching in beta January 2022 for both IOS and Android platforms. This is a great time for independent artists and DJs alike, we’re beyond grateful to provide this platform to the world!

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