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How Musical Artist Indigo Suave Remains True in an Everchanging Music Industry

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Indigo Suave knows that music unites people, and there’s something special about fans singing along to the lyrics you’ve created. He believes that being an artist is more than a platform but a mantle of responsibility requiring stewardship. As an artist, people look up to you and live by every word you say, regardless of whether you are aware of it or not. He shares:


“There’s no better feeling than remaining true to who I am when I’m writing lyrics. I love that I can create what I want and how I want. If people resonate with my music, then that is wonderful. If they don’t, then that’s not something I can force them to do. “


Indigo Suave is committed to giving his audience an experience of constant rehearsal before hitting the stage. He loves the electricity one feels at a concert when people from all walks of life have gathered for the common purpose of watching an artist perform. Everyone is connected at that moment.” and Suave calls that a “beautiful thing.”


While tapping into several creative avenues, including film and devising a celebrated catalogue of original composition, it’s apparent that he’s accomplished much more than most artists in his lane. Although the past couple of years were unprecedented, Indigo Suave only leverages this winter season to discipline his artistry and, like a chess player, strategize his next steps––it’s evident that 2022 will be one of his most fruitful endeavours to date.

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