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Meet HulkSicko!

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Meet HulkSicko! is an emerging artist straight out of Bronx, New York. During an interview we got to chop it up with artist, Hulksicko! and he filled us in on how it was growing up in Section 2 in co-op city Bronx, NY. HulkSicko! shares his story on how he became who he is today and why he’s the next one up in the hip-hop game coming out of the Bronx!

Q: Hi HulkSicko! Tell us where you’re from and what city you represent. If you’ve moved, let us know what city you now represent.

A: I lived in BX, NY til I was 14 years old, when my mom moved me cause she thought I was getting into too much trouble, and wanted me to take basketball more seriously. I’d say I learned most of my toughest lessons there. From there I went upstate and a few other states after. Right now I live in Los Angeles. I came out here earlier this year on vacation and ended up staying for 4 months longer than expected. After I created a routine and knew I had the right energy around me I knew it was going to be a better fit than New York for what I wanted to accomplish. There’s a lot of temptation in New York, when you got time on ya hands you could get ya self into something you might not want to.

Q: What is your genre of music?

A: My genre of music is somewhere in between rapping and singing, I wouldn’t call myself a rapper or singer but I can do both. I’d say I like rapping more simply cause you can talk your shit and tell people how you are really living. On the other hand sometimes you gotta sing to express a certain emotion, or get that out of your audience. It took me a long way to get there at first cause when my rapping sounded off I would switch back to singing and vice versa , I don’t think I really find my sound I liked until 3 years of recording.

Q: What do you believe sets you apart from the rest and makes you different from other emerging artists?

A: Most of my music is melodic and uptempo, which I think is dictated by the beats I choose. In terms of lyrics they can go right or left depending on how I’m feeling, and where I’m at. I like to tell people about parts of my life even if they can’t relate to it, because the real gon relate. Those are the types of fans I want around my music.

Q: Any other talents you have? List any talents you have. Also, include any jobs you hold currently or have held in the past.
A: Other than music, another talent I have is that I speak Chinese. I visited twice and went to 10 different cities while there and lived there for a whole month at one point. Before COVID 19 hit I had plans to move to Shenzhen (The Miami of China in my eyes) and work on my music and on my Chinese. Additionally, I feel like the fact that I speak Chinese influences some of the harmonies that I think of while making music. Surprisingly, I don’t think that I got noticed for my music right away but for what I was trying to do with it at first. I was heavily pushing the idea that I wanted to live in China and make music there and a lot of people who didn’t understand music gravitated towards it because it was something they had never seen before. A lot of my early fans thought I used to live in China because of the fact that I spoke so well.

Q: When did you start making music?

A: I started making music for fun in 2017 and started off as just writing down freestyles in class, cause I didn’t wanna do work. At the time it was the end of my freshman year. I just got two division one offers so I didn’t think nothing of music . In the next year, around spring, I found out I was going to need to have three hip surgeries and probably won’t play again until senior year. That’s when I knew I had to make a change and depend on something else for my life.

Q: When did you realize your music was making an impact for your listeners?
A: It wasn’t until I received a DM from someone in Germany saying they cried to my song the night of there mother’s funeral that I knew I might have a gift. If I could make this random girl in Germany feel this way, I knew I could get the rest of the world to feel me the same way. Once you see its bigger than you gotta go harder.

Q: Who is your audience?

A: I chose music because it allowed me to speak my mind. I didn’t necessarily know how to voice my opinions because I ain’t have people to talk about it at first where I am from. Same way when I was young and angry, I would listen to music to help get me out of certain moods. I did not always work and sometimes the lyrics in the songs made it worse but that’s how I knew music was impactful.

Q: What other inspiration do you have?

A: My music is inspired by the city I’m from, and my journey to where I am now. I think the choices I made good and bad up to this point shaped the pain I’ve been through.

Q: Any 2021 New Years Resolutions for 2022?

A: One of the goals I have for myself as an artist is to perform in China just because it was something that I was supposed to do but it was deterred a couple times so getting that off my bucket list is something that I’d like to do.
Recently I’ve also been doing I’ve also been listening to a lot of UK artist so down the line I think a guy I have myself it’s probably have it collaboration with the UK artist just because I think I sound so it sounds interesting.”

Q: What motivates you as an artist to get others to play your music?

A: With my music I hope I can get a lot of people who came from the same situation to understand that it’s cool to be yourself and don’t Gotta be like the next man just to be looked at in a certain light because I feel like that forces a lot of people to make decisions that they wouldn’t normally make. If you got a real opportunity and a real plan you got to take advantage of it because the next person would kill to be in your spot so why not make the most of it. I feel like I grew up with a lot of people who if they just had the right opportunity it wasn’t in detain positions they probably have different lives right now.last but not least, the beat has to be fireweee. A good song isn’t a good song without all the emotions it took to pass.

You can follow him on social media @hulksicko and find his music streaming on all platforms.

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