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Kaile Goh is Poised to Make Waves in The Music Industry

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Kaile Goh, an LA singer, songwriter, and model, has been working in the industry since the age of three and is set to break onto the scene in a new way as she combines her experience and talent in new ways. Currently promoting her six new songs released this past year, including hit “Dissect My Brand”, she is working with some of the top songwriters and producers in Los Angeles for her follow-up record.


After spending years as a go-to face for Disney, Target, Kodak, Mattel, and Sony and being featured in National TV commercials with the likes of the group Migos, she is looking to re-jump start her music career that began with her being signed to Lava/Republic Records as a teenager.  She now stands in a unique position that is ideal for success in today’s social media age. Modeling and Music now go hand in hand and Kaile has proven her talent at both. In the end, she simply hopes audiences will, “hear my music and feel what I felt when I wrote it.”


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