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Young Roddy and Killer Mike Trade Bars On New Single “Amen”

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Babygrande Records releases the first-time collaboration between Young Roddy and Killer Mike, two of the South’s most prolific rappers.


On his latest single, “Amen,” Young Roddy links up with Killer Mike, serving up the second single off of his forthcoming album, “Never Question God.” With “Amen,” Roddy steps away from the soulful sample driven production the Jet Life co-founder is known for. On this track, Roddy dives head first into an unrelenting trap beat. Roddy’s delivery and energy, not to mention his beat selection, perfectly set up Killer Mike to put down a stellar verse that fans of his solo catalog and fans of his Run the Jewels catalog will both appreciate. The one-two punch they produce on the track is uncanny, especially given that it is their first time working together. 


Produced by Roddy’s label-mate Iceberg Black, who boasts an impressive catalog of his own, the track uses an ambient, ominous melody as its foundation, allowing for Roddy and Killer Mike to plow through like they are running the streets of New Orleans and Atlanta. With the experience that each of them has in the rap game, it is no surprise that they connect so effortlessly on the track. Roddy knew this track would be special, and as such, there would be no better fit for the feature than the legend himself, Killer Mike.


“This track is meant to motivate people to succeed for themselves, their families, and their teams at the highest level,” says Roddy of “Amen.” “Having Killer Mike on the track is next level. He’s a legend in my eyes because he stands for something that’s bigger than music. I respect that to the fullest.”


“Never Question God”, which will be released in February 2022, will be one of Roddy’s best solo albums to date. He’s experimenting with different productions, yet also delivering the patented soulful sound he created with Curren$y as they built the Jet Life movement from the ground up. It’s a carefully curated album, which sees Roddy tap notable and unexpected artists for dynamic collaborations. With “Amen,” Roddy gives listeners a glimpse of what’s to come.


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