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SheSoVegann Is Turning Heads As An Artist

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Long Island, NY native SheSoVegann is turning heads in the strip club and on the radio with her new singles! With thousands of followers around the globe, she’s become the internet’s favorite personality. It started in 2001 when she was on As The World Turns Soap Opera. After being a premier dancer in the Long Island area for some time, SheSoVegann has now entered the music industry. Her debut single is gaining local attention in the clubs and on the radio! 


As a successful, independent artist, SheSoVegann is making huge waves and is creating a big name for herself. She began making music during the early months of the Coronavirus pandemic. As the world was shut down, SheSoVegann began creating her vision and sharing her musical talent with the world. Now, she’s on her way to becoming one of the fastest-growing current artists. For her, music is about sharing what you care about and spreading love in a world that certainly needs more of it. The music is supposed to make you feel up, happy, and excited and all of the current releases from SheSoVegann definitely check all of those boxes.


Follow SheSoVegann on Instagram: @imshesovegan

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