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Trap Commander releases new project to turn up the streets

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Since April 2021 Trap Commander has been locked in and focused inside the studio putting together a masterpiece for the streets. As a fan of music, when you wait for your favorite artist’s release, you hope that they take their time and put their all into a craft they consistently master. This is exactly what Trap Commander has done.

Properly titled American Hustler 3 “Trappin Makes Perfect” he continues his series with more determination and direction. Some of the producers he has worked with are Baby Breeze 843, Kronic & Aaron Wright to name a few and what is important for Trap Commander is that the full project was recorded himself with Mix and Mastering done by Matt. P.

Atlanta, Ga has a lot of artists constantly releasing music and the goal is to always deliver something different to the masses. To do that it takes time and focus. Trap Commander knows that, and with patience he has delivered along with the official single Passport produced by Kronic.

Directly from What If Global Management, Trap Commander and team have officially released American Hustler 3 “Trappin Makes Perfect” providing sixteen relatable tracks to the world. Tune in now on all digital platforms.


IG: @Trap.Commander

Twitter: @trapcommander1

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