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Tavia TV – Harlem Picks Up Where Insecure Left Off

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This weekend, I joined in on the binge and watch all 10 episodes of newly released Amazon Prime’s “Harlem” (Ever After) starring Meagan Good, Jerrie Johnson, Grace Byers, Shoniqua Shandai and featuring Hollywood legend Whoopi Goldberg. Once again, we are taking on journey of four friends and their discovery of themselves through their connections and relationships. What is interesting about factor is their integration as a full blown queer counterpart, Tye, who takes you through her peaks and valleys of being true to herself and the past she left behind. The focal of the group isn’t Boo Boo Kitty but Camille played by Meagan whose interactions with THEE Whoopi Goldberg are hilarious. Meagan’s character feels entitled to a promotion that falls out of her grasp when her mentor is let go and replaced after some comments were made about what a woman is. Despite being a fan of the replacement, she imagines that Whoopi’s character will simply roll will with the plan in place and unfortunately she doesn’t. But it’s because Camille unprofessional behaviors that even lands her to be the understudy to her own student.

From therapy to health issues to money problems to exes, the series weaves in and out of typical problems black women face. My only disappointment is Angie. Like Insecure, I despise that the plus size woman is always the character that is sexually free. Only in black series do we find this to be true. Dating back to Kim from Moesha, it’s as though we deflect from their talents and focus on their ability to toss their ass at every male potential suitor. But I digress. I look forward to season two and can’t wait to see what drama the ladies get into in our beloved Harlem.

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