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Industry leader on the rise : Meet .irg a ‘maven in the music world’

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The music has evolved these last few years drastically; there have been massive shifts that aren’t necessarily for the worst. Music executive and respected artist .irg entered the music world at a time of enormous innovation and change. He intends to be part of that revolution paving the way for emerging artists and fostering a brand that elevates people, passion and purpose.


As a rising figure in the industry, .irg’s work ethic and devotion to excellence have made a profound impression on his career, allowing him to push the envelope and colour out of the lines to leverage his team towards success creatively. There’s something to be said about labels who intentionally care for the musicians under them––when it comes to committing himself to artist development and strategic planning (most indie artists’ kryptonite),  .irg is no exception.


On top of this, .irg always reminds creatives to stay humble and keep a wise outlook, as the spontaneity of great ideas is unpredictable.  If you confine yourself in a creative box, then your platform will never grow, and your craft will plateau.


.irg goals this year are further establishing his brands’ credence, networking with like-minded industry leaders and growing the artists under his management. We can expect to see more of .irg in the public eye and media space– it’s undeniable that his swift progress will draw attention. One thing is for sure his star power will keep on growing.


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