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Artist Pardyalone Is Using His Music to Create Mental Health Awareness

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No life experience ever goes to waste. We learn important lessons through both winning and losing that we can share with the rest of the world. Music is recording artist Pardyalone’s avenue to do that. To him, music is not just entertainment. It is his way of sharing his life experiences and mentoring others.

As an artist, Pardyalone goes below the surface of the issues that plague many in society. He seeks to create a safe haven for people suffering from broken households, depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues. And he knows how to do that well because he, too, has lived that reality.

Pardyalone’s struggles with mental health began when he was young. Although he had a great childhood, everyone in his family seemed to operate on a different energy level, and that didn’t help at all.

As a child, Pardyalone felt like he couldn’t speak his mind in any situation and didn’t know how to cope with his feelings. Over the years, he has tried to deal with the issues, but there are others he still faces every day.

Love, abandonment, heartbreak, and pessimism are things Pardyalone has faced in his life so far. He shares these stories through his music in a way that humanizes them and resonates with many people. His are not just narrations of things that might happen, but things that have happened to him.

Pardyalone’s goal is simple. He says, “I want to be a comfort for people that I never had. I hope that through my music, everyone can relate. Even if I’m speaking on a certain matter, the listener, viewer, or reader can choose to take the information and relate it to their own matter, issues, and personal traumas.”

Pardyalone’s music style is also different. He brings with him a unique sound, energy, and visuals that beautifully complement his character. This combination makes anyone who comes across his music pause and take note.

He says, “My sound isn’t reciprocal, style isn’t reciprocal, hair isn’t reciprocal, my thoughts aren’t reciprocal. With that being said, I’m here to start a new sound of mainstream art along with a fanbase whose goal is to better themselves along with the community of persons with the same morals of healing the minds of broken youth like myself.”

Pardyalone’s work has earned him recognition from many publications. For instance, he has been featured in multiple newspaper articles in his home state of Minnesota. He has also amassed a large following across streaming platforms.

So far, his music has been streamed 2M + times across different platforms. Pardyalone has also been featured on Promoting Sounds, Elevator, FutureHype, and Masked Mortal.

In the future, Pardyalone wants to take his career even further. He is looking forward to hosting a sold-out hometown show and creating music that billions of people will hear. Besides that, he wants to create an organization that will help kids dealing with mental health issues.

Inspiring the youth is something else Pardyalone is passionate about. He plans to start a mental health podcast soon and become a therapist. Later, he hopes to venture into public speaking about mental health.

Change doesn’t come easy, and Pardyalone knows this. However, he is willing to do the work. He says, “Don’t wait for someone to create the environment you crave. If you have an idea, by all means, don’t let that opportunity of creation pass. Start the process because no one will if you don’t.”

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