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Ari Lennox Hoped We Were Created Equal

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When you grow up in a predominantly black neighborhood, you are instantly confronted with the fact that you are different. Being black is a race that isn’t automatically attached to being clean or upstanding. When you talk with proper English, you aren’t deemed smart but speaking as though you are white. Each day the world continues to display how unequal the playing field is. For black men, the stories of inequality are as similar as a scar. It always involves a run in with police or being called the N-Word. For black women, it happens in the form of racial profiling by citizens or while you are with your sons. One of our bright stars took to the red carpet just a few nights ago and performed on the Soul Train stage at the Apollo. From glitz and glamour to handcuffs, Ari Lennox was arrested in Amsterdam at the airport just yesterday. Dutch military police claimed she was allegedly drunk and aggressive towards an airline official. Ari took to twitter to clear any misconceptions about her mental state and tweeted again accusing “Amsterdam Security” of hating blacks.


It brought me an episode of the Outsiders. Something that all of us living democratic lives must abide by, that states, that ‘All Men Are Created Equal’ and that equality is a basic right belonging to all human beings. Black experiences and scenarios are brought to life on screen by young actors, musicians, artists, and personalities that remind we have to deal with the way things are not what we hope the world to be. So many are stricken with fear. Ari mirrors that fear in her pleas to go home and her declaration of never leaving her home but we can’t let this go. We have to continue to tell the stories, video the evidence and stand firm together until the words that live and breathe in the Constitution are finally true.

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