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Lil Pottna Makes His Dreams Reality By Never Giving Up

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Thousands of people wake up every morning with their eyes filled with dreams, but not everyone puts the required struggle to turn those fantasy moments into reality. Bruce Allen Carter, AKA Lil Pottna, is an outstanding musical artist and made himself a known personality quickly. Hailing from the New Orleans La Uptown/Downtown, this single person writes songs, makes music, works as a ghostwriter and loves listening to music. 


He has been working as a music artist since he was 18years of age, and he has songs on more than 30 platforms. His lyrics are reality-based stories to inspire fans. After starting his career as a musician, he never thought about putting his work on the platform, and initially, he was concerned about grinding and studio time. Then started knowing things in more depth and started putting his work on platforms and interviews. 


For an artist, satisfaction is when his work is praised and loved by the people, and Lil Pottna has witnessed this moment already. He is living the most successful and accomplished phase of his life when his song “THUG IT OUT” has more than 100,000 views and is still counting. Lil Potttna is confident in taking his career to the next level with his fantastic team of marketers and new articles. 


Lil Pottna spent years in his studio where he used to listen to some great musicians like Beanie Sigel, Griselda, Lil Wayne, Mac, and Jadakiss regularly and created his sound with their help. He has released a new project called “FROM DA DIRT” based on his improvement strategies, struggles, and deadly attacks. According to Lil Pottna, this musical album is the most critical work of art as it portrays some of the fateful moments of his life. He bounced back after everything and conquered every platform he touched. He uses these pains as a motive force to keep excelling and never give up. 


Keeping a high head, Lil Pottna aims for the top because all the tragedies and sufferings made him strong. He desires to sing with some pro music artists, including Neno Calvin, G Herbo, Fabulous, Jadakiss, 38 spesh, Benn, Lil Wayne and H.E.R. He knows how to promote his business and expand his social circle for the sake of business growth. He has created his label called Clips & Bandz Ent, which he is proud of. 


Success doesn’t come without paying a heavy price, and the same goes for Lil Pottna. When he was expelled from the institute, he started as a schoolboy and lost his love and best friend. Apart from that, he was arrested by the police and stayed in jail, beaten up badly, shot up more than once by the enemies. After all these events, he preaches to believe in himself and never lose hope to achieve his goals. 


After all those pains and fateful moments, Lil Pottna has geared up to make good music to get maximum streams and fan base. He believes that never giving up will pave the path to success in life.

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