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Entaraj TY – “Lord Knows”

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Tywan McDowell, best known by his stage name, ‘Entaraj TY,’ is an American Singer and Songwriter. Ty is both a solo artist and a member of the R&B group Entaraj. He is best known for his fun yet melodic and sultry sound, which is a blend of Hip-Hop and R&B, reminiscent of his 90s music influence. Some of his best memories include performing for friends and family as a child and prized for his ability to sing like a young Michael Jackson who inspired and influenced him musically.

A single mom raised Entaraj TY, his twin brother, and his older brother in Williamsburg Projects in Brooklyn, New York. It was then that he became well known for his talent and artistry. However, seeing his mother’s hard work is what inspired him to take his musical talents to the next level and dream bigger.

As a young man growing up in a high-crime urban neighborhood, facing life’s growing pains did not come easy. The tragic death of his God sister Kiana forced him to delve deeper within himself. He would later experience turmoil again with the loss of his close friend Ray Rosa who was shot after a performance with his group. His God Sister’s death was a heartbreaking experience. Still, it propelled him to become intentional about his passion for music and served as a conduit in his involvement within New York’s thriving music scene. He began gaining notoriety from his peers and industry professionals. He would later meet Music Producer Red Spyda, whose portfolio includes work with notable artists such as 50 Cent and G-Unit, Amerie, and Mobb Deep.

In 2006, Red Spyda was seeking out talent to form a new male R&B group, and thus the Entaraj was born. The guys immediately formed a strong bond and brotherhood that created undeniable chemistry. This experience allowed them to make records like “Pizzle,” which gained the likes of ‘DJ Whoo Kid’ helping the song reach radio rotation. The group has also collaborated with many other notable producers like Singer/Songwriter Pooh Bear, who worked with musicians such as Justin Bieber, 112, Usher, etc.

Along his musical journey, Ty has worked with other well-known artists like Fabolous, who he has opened for a few times, and even collaborated with Uncle Murder on a record called “Crooked Officer.” His musical capabilities have garnered him the attraction from other underground talents and upcoming artists, even allowing him to do background vocals on the song “So Addicted 247365” for urban Japanese R&B Singer/Songwriter Jamosa.

He is currently working on his solo project with an anticipated release of his single “Sidepiece.” Outside of working on his project, he has teamed up with a music collective called “The Sharks” and looks forward to working with other talents to bring some heat to the game.

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