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Artist and Musician Chris Arvan’s Amazing Journey From Hearing Loss to NFTs

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Chris Arvan is an incredibly successful artist who also happens to be an accomplished musician with numerous accolades to his name. He is now combining his set of skills and discovering new success in the emerging world of NFTs and is definitely an artist to keep your eye on. His works have been featured in various exhibitions such as Stratosphere in Beijing, China; Bitcoin Conference in Miami, Florida; and the George Lopez Foundation charity event and auction. 

The multi-talented artist also shares an inspiring journey to success. Chris grew up with music ambitions as he was fascinated by the industry. His talent was also evident from a young age, and he was destined for a music career. Most of his close friends also saw his potential, showing him great support for his craft. 

However, the young Chris was also influenced by drugs and was a heroin addict by his late 20s. This was a significant threat to his health, to the point where he almost lost his life. Luckily, Chris was fortunate enough to get clean, crediting the support and community he found in 12 step programs. This marked a turning point, and he has remained sober now for over 22 years.

Just when all seemed to be going well, Chris would unexpectedly suffer another life challenge. He suddenly lost his hearing in his left ear, followed by the right ear a few weeks later. It was an extremely disturbing experience, having lost almost all of his ability to hear. 

“I had lost the majority of my hearing. It was very strange. My hearing was totally unusable to even understand what was going on with musical progressions, and doctors told me that if it did not start to improve within a month, it would most likely be that way for the rest of my life,” says Chris.

This marked the beginning of a radically different journey than he could have ever expected. He, at some point, thought of giving up, but he always found the energy to keep moving. Fortunately, a quick thought led him to explore his old passion for visual arts. This allowed him to continue exercising his creative mindset while coping with the situation positively. 

Chris spends most of his time making art and building a company he had established a few years earlier. He became more passionate about art, choosing to explore the path as a career. He was also quick to jump on NFTs as he saw the opportunity as a great avenue for artists and musicians to sell their craft. 

It was more of a therapeutic experience that worked to his favor in regaining his hearing. In 2019, Chris started to slowly regain his hearing, and he was soon back in the studio. He started exploring his old ideas of combining orchestral music with rock that he previously had envisioned when he couldn’t hear. The talented multi-instrumentalist has since bounced back to more success, composing the music for the official trailer of the Oscar-nominated film 1917

The highly ambitious Chris is working on releasing his visual art and music combined as NFTs. He has also taken more of an interest in NFTs and is determined to explore the space for more success.