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Tavia TV- BMF’s Finale Expect The Unexpected

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Last night, BMF season 1 came to a close. Fans of course can’t wait for season 2 and due to its popularity that was already in the books. While the relationship of Big Meech and Terry has had its ups and downs, the brother’s quest for money and fame came at an extensive price. The bitter rivals and life-altering decisions that have to be made entails a cliffhanger that fans couldn’t develop in a dream. In Sunday’s Finale, the brothers are at a crossroads because they don’t want the same things. Big Meech is ready to level up since tying up some loose ends. On the hand, Terry wants out. Not only was he shot in the eye, his girlfriend left with his child. Despite the obvious tear amongst the brothers, fans couldn’t get over how happy Charles Flenory was when Terry received that settlement money.

Big Meech has not only managed to escape the grasps of his rival Lamar but he’s feeling himself as B-Mitchie has proved himself by killing his girlfriend Kato who happens to be a rat. Kato has been working undercover for Lamar, her father’s friend. Both Terry and Meech had their suspicions about Kato when everyone was arrested except her. Meech sets up a meeting with B-Mickie where he completely comes clean with what he knows about Kato. They devise a plan to expose Lamar by using Kato. When Lamar pretends to take her hostage but is ultimately shot by Meech when he exposes that he knows she is a rat! The real shock is when Kato runs away and is shot not once but twice by B-Mickie. Before the kill shot, she looks at him and tells him she loves him which he responds that he loves her too then he shoots her in the head. But Detective Bryant arrests them both and Meech is stuck in jail fans automatically think B-Mitchie is a snitch.

With cameos by Eminem and DC Young Fly, fans were ultimately sad to see Monique go after being beat by Lamar.  While we all wait anxiously for the next season, 50 Cent does what he does best and green lights Power Book II to hold us over!


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