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KT Lordahl breaks all records with her new single “Broken”

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The industry has received another banger of a track in the form of KT Lordahl’s new single “Broken”. KT which is short for Katelyn is a dark horse in the industry. Her music has shaken the scene to its core. Everyone is now watching out for KT and what she will bring to the industry in the future.

KT is based out of LA. She rose to prominence last year. Initially, she started off by posting dancing videos on Tiktok. From there she started off on a modeling career. Today she is a successful internet personality who has over 200,000 followers on Tiktok and over 250,000 followers on Instagram. Now she seeks to conquer the music scene with her creativity and talent.

“Broken” features calm and melodic beats that are sure to have an impact on your mood. The music gets you in the groove. No matter the occasion and no matter the location the music gets everyone dancing. The track has propelled KT’s musical career to heights people didn’t quite expect. We expect and await incredible music from her in the coming days.

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