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Krishi Releases New EP “Through The Fires and Flames”

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Fresh off his recent release of his EP “Through The Fires and Flames,” Krishi hopes to create a legacy within the hip hop world. Originally from Anaheim, CA, Krishi resides in Rancho Cucamonga, CA which he feels has more possibilities to record more music since there are additional studio resources. Krishi has been creating music since he was 15 and released his first single at the age of 16 titled, “Town,” which can be found on all streaming platforms.

During an interview he shared that “growing up [he] was always around [his] cousins who motivated [him] to do nothing but what’s right in life, they are a big part of [his] journey. Around age 13, [he] used to freestyle with [his] cousins whenever [they] would be bored or had nothing else to do, and they always told [him] how good and deep [his] storylines are; [he] would have them shook whenever [his] cousin Jay threw [him] a beat. At age 14, [he] started writing a lot of lyrics in [his] notebook while being bored at school. The teacher would be explaining the lecture while he was in the back wearing headphones and writing [his] lyrics. Around that time, [he] got the software of Logic Pro on [his] laptop and started producing music.”

Krishi displayed his passion for music at an early age, recording in a studio for the very first time at the age of 17. He amazes himself with his composition skills and lyrics. Now, being 18 he is focused on fine tuning his sound and growing as an artist. Drawing inspiration from J. Cole, JID, and NAV, Krishi admits that music has always had a strong connection with him. He hopes his music has much more cultural and moral impact as he wants his fans to gain different perspectives.

Earlier this year he released a track titled, Dark Love, which garnered over 1M streams throughout all streaming platforms. Alongside releasing ‘Through The Fires and Flames,’ he has also been working on another EP with producers such as Yung Pear, OuhBoy, and Vitals. It will include two features from local artist BLVCK SVM. For 2022, he hopes to release his first album that will have 12 tracks. Besides working on music, he is also working on a clothing brand, Lost Apparel, with the hope to one day open his own clothing store and obtain support from influencers.

With the future looking bright for this young man, Krishi’s focus is on his music and getting his sound out there. Driven by personal experience, this artist hopes to transcend within his work and hopes his fans catch on to his self-expression within his music.



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