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Jay Burna’s Latest Single U the SH*T Features T.I. And It Couldn’t Be Better

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With tons of artists trying to break into the music scene, Jay Burna must be doing something right.

The Haitian American rapper, singer, and producer features T.I. on his latest single U The Sh*t.

Interestingly, T.I. is Burna’s mentor. He put Burna’s record with Ty Dolla $ign together.

Aside from T.I., Burna has worked with other big names including Fetty Wap, Trina, and LunchMoney Lewis.

The song features upbeat, catchy sounds that can pump up anything― from parties to music festivals.

Along with appealing and fun lyrics, it will not be a shock if Jay Burna’s song grabs a top spot in streaming apps and music charts soon.

U The Sh*it is a product of Burna’s blood, sweat, and tears. Since entering the music industry ten years ago, Burna has been working extremely hard to produce songs worth listening to.

This time, however, Burna seems to be at an all-time high, possibly breaking records he set before the song’s release.

Plus, Burna has amassed millions of streams for his songs, so this one will probably get over a million streams, too.

Just like his streams, Burna’s show record is impressive. His shows always sell out― something Burna, with his talent and skill, truly deserves.

Combining this with a track record that includes a song that grabbed the top spot on iTunes in South Africa and a song that landed on the 18th spot on iTunes in the US, there’s definitely no stopping Jay Burna.

Burna’s new EP Trophy features the catchy single U The Sh*it. The project also features Zoey Dollaz and Lunchmoney Lewis.

U The Sh*it is one of Burna’s most impressive singles. It starts with a hook and takes you on a trip down the sensual road.

Then, it makes you want more, making you hit the replay button.

What’s more interesting is that the song invokes this feeling of going on an adventure with your significant other― whether it be indoors or outdoors.

Here’s Jay Burna’s U The Sh*it, in case you want to know exactly how that feels.