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Robert Martino’s Album, “The Return of the King” Is Hip Hop Reincarnated

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Few artists create masterpieces like the pioneers of hip hop, but upcoming artist Robert Martino has delivered a project worthy of praise with his album, “The Return Of The King.”

Boston, MA rapper, Robert Martino is a prodigy of the golden ages of hip hop. Inspired by 90’s legends like Biggie, Wu-Tang Clan, Nas, Jay-Z, DMX, Big Pun and Mos Def, Robert Martino wants to impact the world and inspire through music like they have. His passion began in high school after becoming heavily influenced by Logic’s versatility and passion. Diving deeper into hip hop, the 90’s style sounds lit a fire that continued to burn throughout the making of his new album, “The Return Of The King.”

Robert Martino wanted to recreate the timeless music of his musical idols and heroes, but with his own twist. The album is an intricate story inspired by real life events between Robert Martino and his past girlfriend that originally got him into music. His music is like an endless search to find his way back into her arms, leaving subtle clues of memories from their past life throughout the composition of his new album. Robert Martino created a cinematic classic that brought his anger and hunger to the surface. He was rapping like someone who had something to prove, to go down in history as making one of the best albums of all time. The story follows Robert Martino rapping as the alter ego character Young AL Capone, who was given birth by a kid in New York consumed by the trauma of death, violence, and atrocities about his environment. Young AL Capone was his polar opposite, a smooth-talking criminal that was cool and had confidence to attain anything he desired. Robert Martino embodies this character, telling the violent story throughout the first half of the album, then seeing the villain’s human side throughout the second half, like night and day that brings duality to the project.

Robert Martino wants to be remembered as one of the best rappers who ever lived, and with his new album “The Return Of The King” that goal is within reach. Follow his path to the top and stream his new album to experience music from a future legend.

The Return Of The King: