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Chicago’s Own Gustavo Bands is Continuing to Make Waves

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Born and raised in Calumet City, Illinois, Gustavo Bands, real name Bobby Ferguson, has been making waves in the Chicago rap scene for close to a decade and is finally ready to release his full-length debut project. With years of songwriting experience and time spent on the industry’s business side, bounds of anticipation surround the rapper’s release. Rather than fold under the pressure, however, Gustavo Bands isn’t only releasing a debut project but also following it up with a trilogy of Eps. Here’s how he’s built up the confidence for such a bold release strategy. 

At age 15, Ferguson knew he was supposed to pursue a career in music. Building his own studio with his childhood friends in a closet while he was in high school, he embraced the Gustavo Bands moniker and got to work behind the mic. In the early 2010s, Gustavo Bands stepped into the Chicago music scene as a songwriter, helping other local artists find their voice. Moving more towards his own artistic dreams, he released songs “Backdown” and, more recently, “Street Lights,” exemplifying his trap-pop stylings.

Continuing to build his industry knowledge, he became the CEO of his own recording label, which he named ThurlBred Entertainment. By way of this new label, Gustavo Bands has the autonomy to make the music he wants to make and help other local Chicago artists do the same. Working with names like Ozonthetrack, Essex, and DjMetro, not only will Gustavo Bands cement himself as a viable force in the rap industry with these upcoming releases, but he will be amplifying the voices of other artists as well. “Over time, I just got better and met more people who actually took making music seriously,” the up-and-coming rapper states. “Before I knew it, I had developed my own sound, and here I am.”

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