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Tyler Trappy is Next Up

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Tyler Trappy is from Florida and has been making a lot of noise in the music industry. The young rapper has been consistent with his content and releases and has built an impressive fanbase. Trappy started making content on social media on his old Instagram with over 100,000 followers and gained a loyal fanbase. Tyler Trappy has rebranded to Trappy and has had nothing but support from those same fans he gained over the years on his transition to a rapper. Trappy has made news everywhere lately for his catchy music lyrics and great beat selection on his tracks. Trappy is organically blowing up, and has everyone wondering what’s next for him. Trappy is known for rap singles like: ”Mr. Magoo”, “Head Honcho”, & “Dogged Out”. The response to Trappy music has been great since his transition from social media star to upcoming rap star. Tyler Trappy has had celebrities go live with him and come watch his lives as well. Tyler Trappy song “Mr. Magoo” is making headlines everywhere due to how catchy it is. Fans have made videos to the song, and it has had a great response since releasing. Fans can’t seem to get enough of the young Orlando Florida rapper. Rapper like Kodak Black have reached out to Trappy and major news places. Trappy was born Christian Wood in Orlando, Florida. He is self-made music artist who went from nothing to becoming one of raps hottest up-and-coming rap stars. The reason why Trappy stands out as such a rare and interesting person, he is willing to get in front of an audience and do something nobody has ever done or seen before. Out of all the things people do for money and clout, most of us can agree that Trappy has done the most to keep the number of his views and his fanbase consistently rising. He knows how to grasps people’s attention uniquely with his original content that nobody has ever thought of doing yet. Through knowing his audience and consistency like going live everyday with his fanbase, Trappy is destined for success. He has all the ability and power to become the next big thing. Trappy has a lot of new songs on dropping between the end of this year and sometime next year. Trappy has previewed his music on live for his fanbase and they seem to love it. His latest song offering, showcases all the things that the artist is known for, clever wordplay and lyrics, undeniable self-confidence and a knack for making catchy records. The beat is equally as welcoming, fast paced and filled with some nice production tones, the song is short in length but in the case of Tyler Trappy, short is still most definitely sweet. Without an album Tyler Trappy is single handedly taking over the rap scene by dropping his songs his fans can’t get enough of.

We had the opportunity so speak with Trappy:

What is your real name & stage name?

Stage name: Tyler Trappy

Where are you from?

Orlando, Florida

What do you do

I’m a full-time rapper.

How long have you been in your industry?

5 years.

What is your biggest accomplishment?

Graduating High School

How has COVID affected you on your journey?

It hasn’t at all.

What’s your next move?

Making 6 figures

Are you working on any projects?

Yes, & Music Videos!

Where do you see yourself in 1 year?


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