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Lil Bape – “Never Thought” (Official Video)

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Aysir Clark aka Lil Bape is a upcoming artist from Philly who is determined to hare his craft with his listeners. You could describe his sound a diverse Hip-Hop because he can go from one genre to another. As an artist who writes his own music, he is not afraid to talk about his ups and downs along with the good and the bad.

When asked when he started doing music, Lil Bape responded “I started at the age of 15 just playing around with other family members who was doing music. I took it seriously when I went to the studio and cut a full song my first time. I didn’t think about music before that because I was into basketball.”

What makes Lil Bape stand out from the rest is his style is original and unique. “There aren’t many people my age who has been through what I bee through, made it out and lived to tell it.”

Some goals that Lil Bape hopes to achieve within his music career is to set himself for life, move my family out of his family’s place, and get his homies out and set them and the others who have been around up to succeed as well so that they won’t have to worry. His newest project “Zipped Up In My Tears” is out now available on all streaming services!

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