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Gifted ft. D. Horton, Kaila and Marcello Gordon – Unspeakable Jo

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Mississippi MC Gifted is here with his latest single release “Unspeakable Joy”. The track allows for Gifted to give praise and reflect on his on blessings. After surviving a serious car accident back in 2018, Gifted has gone on to use his talent to spread his story to the world. This single is just another instance of that. In regards to the inspiration Gifted said the following:

“Im not even supposed to be here! God is so good! In 2018 I was drinking, driving and smoking and blacked out. Woke up to a car on breaks in front of me and I slammed trying to miss it. I swerved into the other lane and clipped an oncoming car, my car hit the railing and flipped two times. When it stopped I heard someone say “can you get out the car”, I said yes. The car was upside down so I unbuckled my seat belt and crawled to the passenger side, got out and sat on the side of the ditch. No broken bones nothing but a scratch on my nose.
I still can’t believe what happened and seeing those pics I know I’m blessed. I literally crawled out the car and sat on the side of the road like nothing happened! Then, of course, the alcohol had spilled in the car so the police came to me in the hospital and asked had I been drinking. I said no, of course, and he replied “good” because your blood work came back negative even though the car smelled like alcohol. I know I’ve got to have a purpose!”
Joining Gifted on the testimonial single is D. Horton, Kaila and Marcello Gordon. Together they shine lyrically, making a record equal parts catchy and meaningful. Check it out now.
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