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L-da Wild Drops Explosive New Single

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L-da Wild has made a name for herself as a powerhouse multi-instrumentalist, captivating vocalist, and an inspirational lyricist. Her new single, “Everest”, has set the tone for her new era of music. “Everest” was written and produced by Wild herself, complimented by her own instrumentation, featuring the beautiful strings of Richard Vagner and the vocals and harmonies of Paul Gigliotti.

As usual, the songwriter delivers an anthem written for the sole purpose of helping her fans navigate through this crazy thing called life. L-da is dedicated to making music that can truly make a difference. “It is my purpose. It is what makes me feel like I am on this planet for a reason.” Wild shared with us, “I don’t really even know how to write music that isn’t driven with purpose. I need to truly feel in my heart like it could maybe change just one life for me to share it with the world.”

With lyrics like “The mountains you were given are waiting to be moved. Even Everest was made for you. Your fate is waiting on you. Make a move.”, it’s safe to say that L-da is moving mountains with her words. But she is only getting started. One more single and an entire album bursting with inspiration are to follow “Everest”.

“Artwork by Shane Ramos”

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