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Amaru Son & Koshi Release ‘MiNi VaN’

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Kansas City, Missouri based musician Amaru Son has been actively pursuing a career in music ever since he quit his job in 2016. The artist grew up in a house full of musicians, and also was influenced by a close friend to start writing his own songs.


Amaru Son’s most recent release ‘MiNi VaN’ features some unique aspects we’ve never heard before. An acquired beat produced by Koshi and interesting vocals makes this song a fun listen from start to finish. The song is never truly the same in two parts, as Amaru Son brings his own different styles to the table.


Amaru explained that he has plans to release a new EP either late this year or early next. While no official release has been set, we can be sure we will hear something new soon.


You can listen to ‘MiNi VaN’ here:


You can follow the artist here:

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