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Juandisemo Delivers Hot New Single “Rebel”

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Growing up in Colombia, Juandisemo’s outlook on life has been completely changed with the opportunities that have made their way to him. He feels truly blessed to be in the position that he is today and is extremely grateful for his growth as an artist. That being said, he is channeling his inner gratitude and letting that shine through on his future tracks. He recently dropped a new single titled “Rebel,” and it is a certified hit.

“Rebel” begins with Juandisemo hitting the track off the rip. He notes how he is on go and is ready for the music world to present him with his big opportunity. He knows he’s a star and has the talent to back that statement up. The industry doesn’t realize what he is about to bring to the table and has every intention of leaving a permanent mark on the way music is created as a whole. He feels his time is coming, and the world is about to know his name.

“Rebel” is the latest release from Juandisemo, and it showcases his wide range of lyrical ability. His one-of-a-kind flows are second to none and are making him stick out above the rest. It is only a matter of time before he catches his big break. Make sure you stay tuned, so you don’t miss out on this new wave.

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