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L4 Get The Ends Drops New Song “Fake Energy”

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L4 Get The Ends is back with his new track “Fake Energy.” The Watts, LA rapper takes his frustration to the mic as he raps about what he is going through at this exact moment. As he moves up in his music career he is finding that with success comes more fake energy. He’s noticing a lack of support and envy. He can confidently say that people want to be around him for all the wrong reasons. From friends to women, he’s catching on and he is fed up with all of the fake energy. Now that he’s in a position where he’s feelings down, he’s noticing no one is giving him a hand. “Ni**as was up 50 couldn’t give me 50” is the stand out line of the song. To L4, people aren’t reciprocating the love he gives out.

With support comes envy and L4 needed to get this track off his chest because he knows there are music lovers out there that can feel what he’s saying. “Fake Love” is produced by Culprit who is a 14 year old producer from Detroit, Michigan.


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