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CuBox, Behind the Name

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CuBox told us that, “I started producing when I was 12, but really coming out as a vocalist and artist when I was 17.”

We were very curious about where he got his name from and when asked he replied, “My younger brother actually came up with CuBox, we were trying to brainstorm artist names back when I got my first DAW, and I was interested in geometry in school, so he took “cube” and “box” and smashed them together to make “CuBox”.

Since Learning how to produce at 12 to now having over 40 Million Streams CuBox says that he’s more serious about his career than he’s ever been and it’s been a blessing being able to do it Full-Time. All while Owning 100% of his work and fully producing all of his records.

With the year coming to a close soon it’s only right to be hopeful for what CuBox may possibly have next.

Instagram: @cuboxofficial

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