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How Josias Jean-Pierre Inspires Others to Persevere Through Adversity

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Being on the receiving end of discouraging remarks can have a lasting impact on a person’s self-esteem and confidence. Growing up, Josias Jean-Pierre has been told that he would never amount to anything. However, the resilient man did not let these negative comments get to him. Instead, the resilient individual worked hard to prove his critics wrong.

Now, he has become the voice of his generation as a renowned motivational speaker. But what makes the inspiring individual stand out is his one-of-a-kind approach of providing people with a blueprint and the right tools to elevate themselves to the next level. He has spoken on more than 500 platforms, changing and transforming the lives of thousands of people in the process.

On top of that, he has an effortless ability to connect with his audience. In his speaking engagements, he shares his firsthand experience with setbacks and struggles and how he was able to conquer them. Because of his sincerity and relatable character, many people gravitate toward Josias Jean-Pierre.
His career in public speaking has allowed him to create an impressive network of connections with celebrities, political analysts, and athletes. For example, he has been associated with former track and professional football player John Carlos, Angela Davis of CNN, Dr. Cornel West, Les Brown, EricDyson, and Fred Hampton Jr.

Aside from bringing hope and inspiration to many, he also writes books on self-help and empowerment. So far, he has published two best-selling books called The Power of Your Words and What Is Your Why Behind the Drive.
When asked about what pushed him to become a motivational speaker and author, the young man shared, “What motivated me to build my brand was the storms I had encountered in my life. I made it and pushed through, and I want others to push through so they can also make it.” Due to his notable contributions to the community and his awe-inspiring advocacy, Josias Jean- Pierre has received several recognitions from prestigious publications. He was named one of LA Wire’s 30 under 30 alongside other outstanding personalities such as Ariana Grande and Lil Nas X. In addition, he was featured in Yahoo Finance as one of the top 10 inspirational African Americans of 2021.


All of these well-deserved accolades are testament that Josias Jean-Pierre has come a long way. However, some people fail to realize that it took some time before he achieved great success. He had to persevere and work hard day in and day out so he can make a name for himself. This is why the motivational speaker continues to teach his audience that success does not happen overnight. One of his greatest advocacies is to motivate people to endure their race even when they are at a tumultuous time in their lives. In the future, the incredible individual sees himself continuing his advocacy. Not only that, he hopes to widen his audience so he can reach out to more people who are hopeless, visionless, and those who need help finding their purpose.

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