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Three Staten Island Rappers Are Relishing In Success With The Founding Of Their Independent Label: Bag or No Bag The Label LLC

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In the ever-growing, uber-competitive rap and hip-hop industry, three Staten Island artists are taking the bull by the horns and paving their own path into the limelight. Ahmahd Isaiah Daniels, Elyjia Otis Travis and Demetri Stanley Jewell grew up in the same neighborhood and realized the potential they each possessed at an early age.

Together, these three collaborators, friends, and now co-founders put their heads together and created Bag or No Bag The Label, LLC, a place where their creative ventures and the passion of artists who cross their path can flourish into reality.

Daniels, Travis, and Jewell, who perform under the monikers Littorious, Estacks Rundown, and Numba 47, respectively, founded Bag or No Bag The Label as a vessel for their independent projects well as the strong spirit of collaboration the trio realized they possessed. They created the independent label as a way to give artists of all sounds and passions an equal opportunity to flourish. From locating artists to developing their sound and marketing their persona and music, the co-founders of Bag or No Bag The Label are dedicated to helping their artists leave their mark on the industry.

At Bag or No Bag The Label, their business plan focuses on the industry’s digital environment, which allows them to target each of their artists to a specific market they feel fits them best. At the time this article was written, each of the three founders of the independent Staten Island Label have released their first individual projects through such label. Each album has achieved hundreds of thousands of streams, with some tracks surpassing over a million views on YouTube as well. Using themselves as examples, Littorious, Estacks Rundown and Numba 47 have proven that with their deep set of skills pertaining to music and business alike, they can create success in the growing hip-hop industry. Their proven success serves as a light at the end of the tunnel of many artists hoping to find their footing.

Learn more about Bag or No Bag The Label here and follow the artists on Instagram: Littorious (@_littorious); Estacks Rundown (@estacksbonb); Numba 47 (@bonb_ak)

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